What are we?

Liverpool Pigeon was Merseyside’s first micro pub. We are located in Crosby, a few miles north of Liverpool. We opened on 11th October 2013 and celebrate the fantastic beers we have in the North-West  by showcasing beers from around the region.

Want to see what we look like? You can click here to view the gallery and don’t forget our Facebook page.

Where are we?

Our address is 14 Endbutt Lane, Crosby, L23 0TR.

What is a Micro Pub?

An exact definition of a micro-pub is difficult to arrive at. However, all micro-pubs share a similar ethos and values. They will be characterised by many or all of the following:

  • a small single roomed establishment
  • sells cask conditioned ales – often local
  • sells real (not fizzy) cider
  • no spirits/alco-pops or keg products
  • shuns national or multi-national products
  • no tv, juke box or gaming machines
  • conversation as entertainment
  • small range of beer snacks

From Classes to Glasses

After 13 years as a primary school teacher the time was right for a change of career. A chapter in the book “The Search for the Perfect Pub” interviewed Martin Hillier, the pioneer of micro-pubs. This planted a seed which over the next few months began to grow. A visit to The Snug micro-pub in Carnforth provided further impetus and with the support of my wife, Jacky, a decision was taken to begin searching for suitable premises. Amazingly the first premises we visited seemed ideal and thanks to a supportive landlord our dream began to take shape. Eight months later – after numerous applications for change of use, premises licence, personal licence etc we opened the Liverpool Pigeon – Merseyside’s first micro-pub. Hope to see you there.

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